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Log Fall categorizes logical fallacies into a taxonomy that is hopefully both intuitive and productive for any practitioner of reason.

A few things to note:

  • You may not find every rare and isolated fallacy listed here since an effort has been made to keep things as relevant and practical as possible.
  • Each fallacy has been placed into a maximum of 3 of the 10 primary categories listed on the light-gray menu bar above.
  • The categorization of the fallacies found here was not entirely an objective process, and the categories hold no special status.
  • The examples are not intended to favor one particular philosophical stance. If you’d like them changed, suggest a clear and interesting alternative. Balanced and unbiased examples are the intent of the editors.
  • In choosing, categorizing and naming fallacies, an attempt was made to balance all relevant factors including the frequency of occurrence, the logical space the fallacy occupies, and convention. It is hoped that this site is both intuitive and practical.

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