Tu quoque:

Definition Example
When it is assumed that, if one wrong has been committed, another wrong will remove its culpability. I admit to stretching the truth a bit, but you and everyone else tells a white lie from time to time. You can’t judge me.
Also known as: two wrongs make a right
No degree of hypocrisy will invalidate the hypocrite’s argument. Arguments stand on their own.

Case Study One

There are very few countries that have not been called “terrorist states”. Whenever hostilities escalate, there is commonly an exchange of such accusations.

Case Study Two

Whenever skeptics disparage faith as a failed approach to truth, theists often retort “But you have faith in science!” This is to ignore the warranted inductively-derived confidence skeptics place in the superior reputation of success that science enjoys over faith. Only where the degree of belief is not commensurate to the degree of evidence is belief unwarranted, and the degree of inductive evidence of science’s success is quite high. There is a difference in a degree of belief justified by the balance of evidence and (often absolute) belief conjured up by hope, fear, or other emotions.

Keep in mind that a fallacious argument does not entail an erroneous position.

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