Square logic:

Formal Fallacy
Definition Example
A complex argument which loses logical cohesion somewhere in the complexity. If you had only asked me, I would have told you the truth. But you didn’t ask, so if I told you a lie you wouldn’t believe it was a lie since the truth is not what you asked for.
This fallacy is often a composite collection of several fallacies within one argument, and is primarily limited to individuals who 1) intentionally complicate an argument to insulate it from criticism, and those who 2) sincerely have difficulty formulating coherent arguments with valid causal relations.

Case Study One

“Immediately after my birth in 1961, both cancer rates and the nationalization of Cuban tourism increased. Because some of these cancer patients were Cuban tourists, I am obligated to build a hospital in Havana.”

Case Study Two

“Because no one would be reading this unless they had a remote interest in logical fallacies, those on the remote island of Fiji have no interest in logical fallacies and therefore cannot read.”

Keep in mind that a fallacious argument does not entail an erroneous position.

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