Perfect standard

Conceptual Fallacy
Definition Example
When an ideal of perfection is placed in contrast to a gradient of many imperfect states, implying that there are only 2 discrete categories. I remember you once shouting in anger at your brother. You are essentially an angry person.
Those employing this fallacy are removing semantic resolution from the issue, and are demanding others to categorize quite disparate degrees of phenomena into only 2 categories. This is similar to semantic pixelization and the false dilemma fallacy.

Case Study One

Some have claimed that, if you have ever lied in your life, you are a liar, ignoring 1) that people change thoughout their lives, and 2) that character is most accurately judged after considering the totality of a persons actions.

Case Study Two

Some pessimistically point to the fact that, at any given moment, there is a violent conflict somewhere in the world. They set up a artificial violent/non-violent dichotomy, then extrapolate from the existence of violence that humanity is inherently violent, ignoring the many functional and largely altruistic societies at peace around the world that world paint a more nuanced picture of humanity.

Keep in mind that a fallacious argument does not entail an erroneous position.

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