Incomplete comparison:

Conceptual Fallacy
Definition Example
When not enough information is provided to make a complete comparison. This watch keeps more accurate time than that watch, so it’s best to buy this one.
When buying a new watch, many factors such as price, functionality and style need to be considered.

Case Study One

If a national health care package is deemed the only response to demographic gaps in health care coverage without proper consideration of long-term financial and social consequences, this is an incomplete comparison.

Case Study Two

If you claim that young people today are wealthier than their parents had at the same age, you would be committing an incomplete comparison fallacy. You’ll have to take into account monetary inflation, plus the changing perceived value placed on items and services such as health care, transportation, and computers.

Case Study Three

If you claim organically-grown food is produced with a smaller environmental footprint without considering the increased spoilage rate or the increased pesticide usage for organically-grown food, then your assessment is incomplete.

Keep in mind that a fallacious argument does not entail an erroneous position.

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