Impotent logical space:

Definition Example
When every possible outcome is encompassed by a single theorized cause, thereby rendering it either redundant to another explanatory theory, or non-existent. We have only blurry photo evidence for the existence of alien space ships, but that’s only because the aliens have technology that prevent our cameras from functioning properly.
Also known as: Unfalsifiability
The credibility of a theory depends, in part, on its degree of falsifiablity. If every single phenomenon that can be imagined falls within the predictions of the theory, that theory justifiably becomes suspect. A boy who tells his teacher that he did his homework…but the dog ate it…a dog that the boy has hidden from his parents…who are on vacation…making the claim unfalsifiable, is justifiably suspect since the claims are identical to the modus operandi of a liar.

This fallacy is similar to the suppressed correlative.

Case Study One

Some theists claim that their particular god answers prayer, but there is no possible outcome that does not fall within their definition of answered prayer. This makes their god superfluous to material cause and effect, and equal in power to a non-existent god.

Keep in mind that a fallacious argument does not entail an erroneous position.

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