Empty refutation:

Tactical Fallacy
Definition Example
When an argument is said to be wrong, yet no information or explanation about what in the argument was wrong is offered. You misrepresented my position in your argument, so your argument is clearly wrong.
If you claim someone has misrepresented your argument, you’ll need to rigorously substantiate that. If you identify a flaw in someone’s argument, take the time to detail that flaw rather than simply telling them they are wrong.

Case Study One

One common manifestation of an empty refutation is the claim that someone has intentionally misrepresented your position without citing what they said that is inconsistent with your actual claims.

Case Study Two

Another common form of empty refutation is when it is claimed that someone’s argument is unsound, yet there is no mention of an actual unsound premise to accompany that claim.

Keep in mind that a fallacious argument does not entail an erroneous position.

One Response to Empty refutation:

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