Argument from repetition:

Tactical Fallacy
Definition Example
When it is claimed that, because no one cares to discuss your position with you any longer after repeated rehashing of the same arguments, that your position is correct. I’ve been arguing with my wife for 20 years about my gambling habit. She finally stopped arguing with me, demonstrating that she finally admits to the virtue of gambling.
Also known as: argumentum ad nauseam
The unfortunate thing about this fallacy is that it often works. The mere repetition of a fallacious argument will often lead to its being ignored by those who disagree, and to the subsequent assumption by the general public that the argument must be correct since there are few vocal dissenters.

Case Study One

The tobacco companies persistently spread disinformation for years, and, in so doing, successfully converted many young people to the smoking that eventually killed them.

Case Study Two

The dictators of many countries set up propaganda campaigns that simply repeat the largely mythical achievements of the “glorious leader”.

Case Study Three

Some individuals continuously bombard internet discussion boards with the same fallacious arguments, waiting for the other side to give up responding.

Keep in mind that a fallacious argument does not entail an erroneous position.

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