Appeal to nature:

Definition Example
When something is deemed correct or good if it is natural, and is deemed incorrect or bad if it is unnatural. Birds are monogamous. Therefore, humans should also be monogamous.
It does not take much exploration of nature to realize that nature is not a very coherent or desirable standard for human conduct. Nor is nature very amenable to human survival. This is why medicine is developed to eradicate various viruses. Interestingly, the most “natural” of all actions inherent to life is the striving for survival. This puts humans at odds with the rest of nature and what is “natural”. This is why we ingest neither natural hemlock nor synthetic poisons.

In many cases, once the act that is proclaimed “unnatural” is scrutinized, it is discovered that the act is merely emotionally unpalatable to the person making the categorization.

Case Study One

Some claim that genetically modified crops are “wrong” for the sole reason that they are not what nature has naturally produced. There may be good reason for caution in developing and growing genetically-modified crops, but the fact that they are merely not currently found in nature is not good reason.

Case Study Two

While there are sects that shun medical intervention, most humans seek medical attention when they are injured rather than allowing nature to run its course.

Case Study Three

Cocaine was once touted as a “natural” remedy for many ailments. Today, not many consider the use of cocaine to be a very wise treatment due to its addictive effects.

Keep in mind that a fallacious argument does not entail an erroneous position.

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